Dynamic Discounting

Turn receivables into liquidity and liabilities into income

With our flexible and scalable Dynamic Discounting platform, we offer you an independent marketplace based on the latest technology to optimize liquidity throughout your supply chain so that you can quickly generate additional revenue without risk.

Through flexible interfaces, uncomplicated integration into existing systems and processes and our comprehensive service, we guarantee simple and fast implementation.

How it works

Through flexible interfaces, uncomplicated integration into existing systems and processes and our comprehensive service, we guarantee simple and fast implementation.

For buyers

Dynamic Discounting

For buyers

Start your early payment program now on our flexible and scalable Dynamic Discounting Platform and receive an additional dynamic discounting for each earlier payment of an invoice by adding free liquidity to your supply chain.

Early payment of supplier invoices turns your accounts payable department into a profit center by enabling your suppliers to offer an additional discount (Dynamic Discount) on individual, already approved invoices. In this way, you give your suppliers access to cash and at the same time generate risk-free earnings.

Convert your accounts payable accounting into a profit center!


Use your excess liquidity in a new way to generate additional income.


The connection takes place without internal effort for all participants.


Only verified invoices are uploaded to the platform, so that no additional risk is involved. The data transfer is encrypted.


Use the technology-based, completely digital platform solution of SGH Finance.


On request, we integrate the receipts received via the SGH systems onto the platform.


You retain full control over your contracts with your suppliers. You strengthen the supplier relationship and develop your purchasing department into a strategist.

Efficient Onboarding

Fast integration through our automated onboarding process. Dynamic discounting via a standardized online process that you control.

Supplier Management

As a trader, invest liquid funds at attractive conditions.
How it works

You choose your interest rate and determine the liquidity volume. Our platform does the rest for you!

Step 1

You control the upload of your audited invoices to the platform.

Step 2

You invite your suppliers to your offer and receive bids.

Step 3

The platform matches the bids with your offer and achieves the best result for you.

Step 4

After completion of your offer we provide your ERP system with the necessary information.

Step 5

You continue to pay your suppliers directly, only earlier and with a lower rate.

Frequently asked questions

Dynamic discounting  makes it possible to obtain additional discounts through early payment of supplier invoices. These directly improve EBIT.

Via the DD platform, you have the opportunity to dynamically negotiate the discount. This is done fully automated under the conditions you define. You cannot achieve this dynamic in direct negotiations with your suppliers.

The purchasing conditions negotiated by you with your suppliers remain unaffected. Dynamic Discounting  is an additional, pure financial condition to your advantage. Your suppliers decide for themselves whether they want to respond to your offer.

The DD platform is a web-based solution. You do not need to install or host.

The effort for the technical connection is low. The DD platform can be easily integrated into the ERP systems.

The effects are positive. Your financial accounting becomes a profit center. Your purchase will receive an additional add-on for your suppliers.

You can access our platforms worldwide using standard modern browsers. With your personal access data, you log in as you would with online banking.

Via the DD-platform by SGH, market-based  discounting can be used for different supplier groups or depending on the situation, depending on the requirements.

For suppliers

For suppliers

Dynamic Discounting

For suppliers

Use our flexible and scalable Dynamic Discounting Platform and offer your customers an additional discount in exchange for early payment of your invoices. There are no fees and your customers still pay directly to you.

Optimize your cash flow on your terms, without banks or borrowing. Receive immediate liquidity from your customers. Reduce outstanding accounts and financing costs.

Control the cash flow of your company on your terms!


Get the liquidity you need in a new way without having to contact your bank.


You retain full control over the arrangements with your customers.


Receive liquidity quickly and unbureaucratically as a supplier. You influence the conditions yourself.


The connection is made without internal effort.

Frequently asked questions

Your customer invites you to participate in Dynamic Discounting via the DD platform. You will receive an invitation with all the information necessary for participation and a registration link. With this link, you access the platform.

The DD-platform by SGH is a web-based platform that can be accessed worldwide with a standard internet browser. This is done by means of secure, encrypted access.

No. Your invoice processing process remains completely unaffected.

Your customer uploads the verified and released invoices to the SGH DD platform.

After your  customer has uploaded the invoices, you will receive a notification via the DD-platform whether an event has been set up in which you can participate and request early payment of invoices.

The impact on accounting is positive. On the one hand,  you will receive the desired liquidity on  demand at the required time. Furthermore, you do not need to address your bank or establish expensive alternative financial instruments such as factoring. The amount of your receivables is declining.

On the platform, you can select the invoices for which you want early payment and specify the discount percentage you are willing to accept.

Immediately after you enter your bid, you will receive a message to see if it is successful. Adjustments are possible at any time before the end of the event.

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