Central settlement

Take the step with us into the future of central settlement.

Digitalization, globalization, rapid technological progress and constant cost pressure have drastically changed the requirements for central regulation. That is why we have rethought central regulation for suppliers, dealers, affiliated groups, chain stores and purchasing organizations with our ZR 4.0 platform.

ZR 4.0 creates added value and transparency through clear billing and flexible payment dates. Our modern and innovative bank-supported del credere with 100% protection and integrated payment processing offers maximum security at attractive conditions. Of course you have the control over your supplier and dealer contracts.


Transparency at all times regarding payment and settlement dates, incoming payments and debits as well as receivables and liabilities via the ZR 4.0 portal.


The ZR 4.0 solution package consists of service modules that can be used individually or as a package.


We do not see central settlement as an island solution, but rather seamlessly integrated into participants' systems in order to optimize and automate processes. ZR 4.0 helps to reduce costs.


With ZR 4.0 you sign contracts with your suppliers and dealers, not with a bank or service provider.


Our systems are tested and certified according to IDW standard.


Our ZR 4.0 offers you service packages at the highest level at attractive conditions.
We are giving central settlement a new, strategic function.

Today, central settlement must be able to do more than generate bonuses and secure receivables.

With ZR 4.0, we offer a platform that is completely digital and transparent and integrates seamlessly into the systems of all participants. ZR 4.0 provides the basis for Big Data with data down to item level from all incoming documents to provide analyses of products, behaviour of suppliers and dealers. Traders can use ZR 4.0 to automate their invoice entry and invoice verification. Choose your individual ZR 4.0 solution package between full service or individual service modules.


On the settlement dates, the incoming documents are combined into one settlement document and the conditions reported and stored by the participants are calculated. We take these into account according to the best-of principle.

Payment processing

On the regulation dates, the suppliers are bundled and paid in one sum, taking into account the best discount conditions for the retailer. The agreed settlement fees are deducted and credited accordingly.

100% Del credere cover

Our bank-supported del credere for suppliers reinforces the positive image of your group and its members.

All receipts

Retailers automate their accounting and reduce costs by processing all other incoming documents in addition to the central settlement documents and providing the data from these to the retailer.

ZR 4.0 Portal

Our portal, based on the latest technology, is the hub for the provision and retrieval of all information. For suppliers, dealers and group of companies. There is also access to the ZR 4.0 archive.


Secure electronic and GoBD-compliant archiving of all documents from central settlement. Additional archiving of further incoming documents from the retailers.

Position data

For us, position data is standard. Therefore we make it available out of all documents. As a basis for automated invoice verification at the retailer and Big Data.


With the item data provided, the retailer can automate his invoice verification and achieve significant savings in accounts payable.

Audit of accounts

We prepare the data from central settlement in such a way that fully automatic invoice verification is possible for the participants.

Big Data

The central regulator keeps data that is not used because it is simply not made available. We make all data available down to the item level, thus creating the basis for big data analyses of purchasing behavior and prices.


We check the creditworthiness of the traders and define the ZR limit together. In this way, suppliers and associations always have an eye on the risk.

Dunning process

We support the retailers in the implementation of the dunning process to enforce their claims against the suppliers.

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